10 JAW-DROPPING NEW Games Nobody is Talking About

Looking for something a bit different? Something not talked about? Here are some upcoming games that have flown under the mainstream radar.
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Lost Soul Aside

Platform : PS4, PS5, PC

Release Date : TBA


Platform : PC

Release Date : TBA


Platform : PS4, Xbox One, PC

Release Date : July 2021


Platform : PC, PS4

Release Date : 2021


Platform : XSX|S, Xbox One, PC

Release Date : August 2021


Platform : Xbox One PS4 PC PS5 XSX|S

Release Date : TBA

Necromunda: Hired Gun

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S Xbox One

Release Date : June 1, 2021


Platform : PC

Release Date : Q2 2021

Atomic Heart

Platform : Xbox One PS4 PC PS5 XSX|S

Release Date : TBA

No More Room In Hell 2

Platform : PC

Release Date : TBA



  1. the astronaut shooter game looks pretty cool but the fact that all those people are not rapidly flung backwards andor spinning every time they shoot their guns is kinda bothering me ngl

  2. These all look so cool. Especially Necromunda and Chernoblyte.

    I've been waiting for Atomic Heart for a while and I'm super excited for it to release

  3. One game nobody is talking about but it looks amazing is Crab Champions. The entire game + the soundtrack is made by Noisestorm, the guy that made the Crab Rave song. You guys should go check it out, it's a masterpiece.

  4. I'm also looking forward to Darktide that is supposed to release this year. Basically Vermintide but in Warhammer 40k instead of Warhammer Fantasy setting.

  5. I'm glad for all FPS fans out there, but as a person who usually doesn't kindle with them, I'm kinda disappointed.
    What, 7 out of 10 were FPSs?

  6. I really like these videos because they're genuinely informative in a very simplified way, but I really wish a script was used rather than Jake just riffing. I guess that would be less organic for what are casual videos but hearing every game described as "cool" and as an "*adjective*, *genre*, thing" offers little nuance in describing what each game is actually about. It always sounds like you've just watched the trailer and said the first thoughts that have reached your head. I mean; "Italian front doesn't get enough attention in war games, especially ones focused around World War 1".

  7. By putting the best looking game at Number 10, you are forced to watch until the end of the video to find out how bloody gorgeous Number 1 could be. But towards the end you realize it's some crappy game. Sneak attack on viewers! Video viewed until end, revenue maximized!

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