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“$20,000 2v2 Warzone Code Red Tournament with Zlaner.” -Dr Disrespect
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35 bình luận trong “?LIVE – Code Red Game Fuel Showdown | !Showdown #GameFuelPartner

  1. Doc can't compete at this level anymore, he's self aware about it these days though. Hopefully focusses more on just enjoying himself and being the number one entertainer. Z will dominate tournies if he plays with a top tier player

  2. Doc when Z is getting 3x to 4x your kills consistently every day/game you gotta start wondering if it's really just the audio that's making you on a lower level. Gotta be tough to wanna practice a game you don't enjoy though, I get that. Two quick losses with Z in your last two tourneys though…he may be leavin ya soon if ya don't pick it up. He's gotta make his money too, ya know?

  3. 3:43:32 Do you really expect to hear footsteps when you're firing an assault rifle AND a heli is right next to you flying around!?!? Really?! You already knew and said you have a guy below you, so what did you expect!? lol such a whiner man haha…

  4. Noone thinks its weird that the last 3 kills in losers bracket were to a clan tag (trney) with a player named vilesimp? Im thinking some feeding going on in these tourneys. Never in docs favor though

  5. Doc, You didn't hear that dude come up the ladder because while he was doing that you were unloading your mag into the chopper. It wouldn't make any sense for you to hear him at all.

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